Five Unusual Acne Triggers in Teenagers and Adults

acne-triggersWhile acne is an infection and stimulated by inflammation and hormonal shifts, there are a lot of hidden factors that can contribute to acne. This article identifies 5 unusual but common acne triggers so you can remove these irritants from your life and help clear up your acne for good.

1. Dirty Sheets

Dirty bedsheets and pillow cases are a common cause of acne. When you sweat or lay down at night, your sheets and pillow case will pick up dirt and even begin to harbor bacteria. If you do not wash your sheets and pillow cases very regularly, the amount of dirt, dead skin cells, body oils, sweat byproducts, and ultimately bacteria will increase.

As your sheets get dirtier, they will begin to contribute to acne and blocked pores while you sleep. Stop this process by changing your sheets as often as you can.

2. Make Up

Another unusual cause of acne breakouts is make up. A lot of women will try and cover up their acne with make up. While this solution is temporarily effective, the problem is that the most common brands of make up often can block pores and contribute to acne.

The solution here is to switch to a water-based make up brand. These are marked right on the label and tend to be a bit more expensive (at least for the good kind), but the acne reduction is worth it.

3. Hats

Just like with dirty sheets, hats are receptacles for bacteria, dirt, skin oil, sweat, and dead skin cells. Each time you put a hat on you are exposing your pores to these contaminants. Stop this from happening by wearing clean hats.

In addition, always make sure your forehead is clean before putting a hat on. This will help keep your hat clean longer and will prevent the hat from pushing dirt and oil that is already on the skin into the pores.

4. Shampoo

Most brands of shampoo have sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate added to them. These chemicals are very good at causing acne and skin irritation, so you want to avoid them the best you can. They are commonly found in shampoo as they make the shampoo generate more lather when you scrub your head. People like this lather but secretly it is causing acne.

Try switching to a natural shampoo brand or at least one without SLS for best results.

5. Moisturizers

Lotions and moisturizers can block pores and cause acne. If you need to use these to keep your skin from getting dry and flaking, always apply it after you have applied an acne treatment cream. This will make sure too many bacteria do not get trapped by the moisturizing lotion.