Our Top 5 Favorite Alternative Acne Products

In addition to a good acne treatment kit, there are some other things you may want to pick up that help reduce your chance of breakouts or improve your skin quality. This guide reveals the top 5 alternative products that you may want to grab in order to reduce your acne.


Lotion Applicator

Applying acne treatment creams and cleansers to your back and other hard to reach places can be difficult. Using a standard scrubber or wash cloth may be too rough on the skin and may cause inflammation.

Instead, you can use a lotion applicator to apply things like benzoyl peroxide creams to acne lesions on the back. Spread the cream out over the entire back and then rinse off after you allow a few mintues for it to soak. The lotion applicator makes this easy without scratching up the skin.

Ultra Lightweight Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a common reason we get acne. The chemicals that protect us from the sun may also block pores. Blocked pores provide a good environment in which bacteria can breed which leads to acne.

Switch to an ultra lightweight brand of sunscreen. This is much less likely to block pores and cause acne breakouts.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural antibiotic and can be applied directly to acne lesions. It is fairly cheap as well. Just put pour some into your hands and then wipe directly on the acne. Just be sure to wash it off after you have allowed it to soak in a bit with a cleanser. Water alone is not enough to wash off tea tree oil.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are a great way to cool down while you sleep. Sweating while you sleep is a major acne cause, so you want to try to eliminate this with a ceiling fan. For this to work, you need to sleep underneath the ceiling fan, or at least partially in range of it. This will push cool air over your skin faster, allowing your body to exchange heat with the environment more easily. This will keep you cool and reducing sweating.

This will naturally work better if you are running the air conditioner. The cooler the air is in the room, the better a ceiling fan will work.

Lightweight Sheets

For the same reason a ceiling fan is effective, lightweight, breathable sheets can reduce sweating while you sleep. Try to keep the temperature consistent in your room so you know exactly how many sheets you need to stay warm at night without actually sweating.