The Six Hidden Causes of Your Acne

hidden-acne-causesThere are many hidden causes of acne that go beyond the obvious “infection” theory. The experts say that acne is caused by an infection of the pore by the P. acnes bacteria, but that does not answer the obvious question: why do some people suffer from serious infections whereas others go through life without ever so much as experiencing a whitehead?

Below, you will discover some of the hidden causes of acne that make some people more susceptible to breakouts.


Being overweight is a sure-fire way to get acne. Not only does extra weight make you sweat more (which contributes to acne), but extra weight also leads to increased inflammation and an altered hormonal profile, both of which can trigger breakouts.

This is of course relative to the individual. Some skinny people have acne and some overweight people do not. If you are skinny and have acne, just know that if you were heavier, your acne would be even worse.

Food Allergies

Common food allergies may create inflammation in the body that can trigger acne and breakouts. More inflammation makes it easier for acne to form. Common foods that people are allergic to include shellfish, tree nuts, dairy, peanuts, and gluten.

Excess Sweating

Sweat is a big cause of acne breakouts. This is why acne rates go up a lot in the summertime. It is also just one reason why pregnant women get more acne as well as overweight people.

Sweating can be reduced by a variety of means. The easiest way is to stay in a cooler environment. When that is not possible, drink ice water or chew on ice cubes. This mechanical means of cooling down is actually quite effective.

Skin Products

Many of the skin care and beauty products we apply to our skin can block pores which leads to breakouts. Makeup, sunscreen, and moisturizers are the biggest culprits here. Other things like fake suntan kits and shaving cream can be a problem as well.

Hormonal Imbalances

Changes in hormones that may be the result of puberty, increasing age, disease, or even the side effects of a medication may trigger acne breakouts. See a doctor if you have other symptoms of abnormal hormonal side effects like mood swings or sudden weight gain or weight loss.

Lack of a Good Skin Care Regimen

Finally, improper or lack of a skin care regimen may cause breakouts. If your skin is not clean, the dirt and oil blocking your pores will cause acne. Wash your face twice a day if you have facial acne. A lot of people insist that they do this but the truth is they are too lazy to wash their face frequently.